Why did Katappa kill Bahubali?

Why did Katappa kill Bahubali?

Why did Katappa kill Bahubali - actoractressin

The story rewinds to the days when Amarendra Bahubali started ruling the kingdom. While Bahubali made many people reforms and solely enjoyed the people’s respect , Bhallala Deva / Palvaalthevan , the War Commander risked his life in indulging all kind of war activities. In the events of time he became a true monster and was in the serious quest of becoming the king of Makizhmathi/Mahishmathi. Though Sivagami felt rightful to her decision by witnessing the prosperity of Makizhmathi in Bahubali’s reign it was her heart of a mother that lost peace on seeing her biological son Palvaalthevan totally overshadowed by Bahubali.

Days go past and It was acknowledged that a neighboring kingdom is forming allies with other small kingdoms to take down Makizhmathi as it possessed a huge potential threat to all other kingdoms. Palvaalthevan ,as the commander in chief was ordered to carry a secret mission to kill the War commander and the King of the neighboring kingdom to stop the war. Palvaalthevan, fighting fierce fully with his troop ,killed their war commander and destroyed the lead warriors . Palvaalthevan madly searches for the King to get him executed and finally finds him ,along with a lady warrior who played an unprecedented yet skillful attack at Palvaalthevan. kattappa in the act of rescue puts the warrior down and it happened to be Devasena , the princess of the neighboring kingdom. Meanwhile the King escapes and Palvaalthevan takes the princess home as captive and ties her to chains only to make her suffer. Upon seeing this kattappa feels guilty for being a part of it.

The humane king Bahubali comes to the rescue of Devasena and orders to relieve her from chains and makes sure she is treated with respect. The king and Devasena also had a moment with each other at their first encounter. Devsena with her unique blend of feminism and bravery impresses bahubali and he kind of falls in love with her . Devsena too involves with bahubali and they are mutually in love with each other. Sivagami acknowledges this.

Parallely Bijjala Deva / Pingaladevan does a master plan in which he intends Devasana to get married to his son so that he could have a kingdom of his own and become a king finally. Palavaallthevan develops a strong desire for Devasena but gets rejected on face upon approaching her. Pingaladevan discusses this with Sivagami ,as this could avoid any further war between kingdoms she approves of that. However, she wisely quotes ‘Devasena shall be married to this kingdom’ thinking Bahubali in her mind.

Devsena’s father , the King disposes this and makes sure he would take down Makizhmathi. Sivagami, however Convinces Devasana for marriage by pointing out that this event would eventually make peace between kingdoms and save many innocent lives. Bahubali and Devasena gets married .This adds to the heat of Palvaaldevan and Sivagami knows that she has earned the true hatred of both Palvaaldevan and his supporters. But Sivagami always believed in making rightful decisions and stood by it whatsoever.

The king and the new queen ruled Makizhmathi to the likes of their people. Meanwhile the tension between the two kingdoms hit the surface as all the small kingdoms finally formed an ally and manipulated the king ,who now madly wanted to capture Makizhmathi and Makizhmathi in turn declares it an enemy kingdom. The allies who ran out of main soldiers in a previous attack by Makizhmathi now want to maximize their strength by indulging the common people in their warfare. As Bahubali too was preparing his kingdom for the war, Devasena was worried that this would cost the lives of many innocent people which would also demean the primary intentions of her marriage with Bahubali. She secretly takes Bahubali to the ally kingdom to make him understand things better. Bahubali witnesses sad scenes of children and women being forced to train for a war to match their strength with Makizhmathi. He sympathizes the people and made a promise to Devasena on his child that she is carrying to treat these people as his own people and protect them at any cost.

Bahubali then decided to go for peace talks which failed miserably and gets strongly suggested by Sivagami to go for a war before they could act to which he responds negative. Bahubali’s ineffeciency to declare a war created ripples in the kingdom and eventually the council members were called for a meeting to decide the need for a new king. Votes got equally split between Bahubali and Palvaaldevan where Sivagami’s vote plays a decisive role. Sivagami, always being rightful to her decision wanted to protect her kingdom as she understands Bahubali’s emotional attachment with the enemy kingdom could possess a danger to her kingdom. She votes Palvaaldevan and Bahubali steps down to be the war commander. It was ironic that Sivagami once preferred him for the kingdom for the same concern he had for innocent lives, but for her own ‘Innocent lives’ back then. Palvaaldevan,finally the King immediately declares the war.

As Palvaaldevan acknowledged Bahubali would not kill People on war he makes Kattappa the war commander and gives him a specific protocol which he had to obey in the war. Now Bahubali is just a warrior in Kattappa’s troop, trying to save the innocent people of enemy kingdom. He requests kattappa to capture the child and lady warriors but not hurt them. Kattappa responds positive and they started capturing women and children without hurting. However a special troop arrives carrying Makizhmathi banner and started killing these captured people. Bahubali stands up against them and in the act of keeping up his promise he had to sword his own men. Now the next thing happening would be Kattappa backstabbing Bahubali as Balladeva tricked Kattappa by giving a war protocol that reads “I acknowledged there is a traitor in your troop. You will identify him as the one killing our own men and you have to retaliate by stabbing him in the back, which he deserves as a traitor. You shall carry this order as the true servant of Makizhmathi without any deviation”. As Bahubali dies keeping up the promise on his child , Devasena gives birth to the child and “Mahendra Bahubali” was born out of the true promise of his noble father”Amerendara Bahubali” .

Sivagami gets to know of this from kattappa and saves the child in potential danger by sacrificing her life as she understands her decision went wrong and its sinful .Most of the people saved by Bahubali were slaved in Makizhmathi (they could be seen in the first part of the movie being so responsive to the word ‘Bahubali’ in the gold statue erection scene). Few others escaped from the enemy kingdom and forms a rebellion, only to rescue Devasena, their Queen from Palvaaldevan which was also shown in the first part.

The remaining movie will be on how Mahendra Bahubali reclaims the throne .

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