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Dear viewers, we got a from Radaan Media that vaani rani director will be changed to sir c M.P end of January….. This will be confirmed soon… Happy watching

Vani Rani Viewers Feedback :

Samu Jaisankar
27 பிப்ரவரி இல் 09:38 AM
Y vani rani serial is boring nowadays? It was really good till O.N.Rathnam sir directed. Y can’t u bring O.N.Rathnam sir as the director of vr serial again?? They r showing only that paati and dimple’s scene. Y there is no karthi & poongodi’s scenes? Vr is not interesting nowadays! I am a huge fan of this serial, but now i guess i have to change my mind set. Pls vr pls show interestings scenes like before. This is the BIGGEST REQUEST from ur fans side. Thank you.

Tamiri Pandu
17 பிப்ரவரி இல் 07:09 AM
Vani Rani serial is getting so boring u better stop the serial instead of changing directors.Its not a powerfull story as chitti or ann


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