Consumer Complaints and reviews about Sun TV Serial – Vani Rani

Consumer complaints and reviews about sun tv serial


May 21, 2015

vani rani


Gowtham & pooja character we cannot tolerate this (kids also very sad yeastier day onwards )

Please come back to Gowtham & pooja character. we keep watching the serial for this character only
Because we love this character very much if the story going the same scenario
me & my family decided to stop watching this serial
( my family watching your serials chithi to vani rani without fail )

Please do something & return the lovable character


May 21, 2015

vamsam serial

worst serial in the world…….. serial partha kaddupu dha varudhu… sankari, madan, boomika,archanaa roja, kaaaaaaaaaaaaa .. suntv ku dha asingam….. pls change the serial or put some new songs insteed of that.

May 21, 2015



May 21, 2015

vani rani

pls change the storyline…atleast one can be alive either pooja or goutham….still why are u showing the helpless of girls better u can show the braveness of the girls to fight against the bad things did for them…try to change the concept…
Maheswari maha

May 20, 2015

Vani rani pooja and gowthm dead scene

Dear madam I have never except such a twist in gowthm poojaa pair.y madam yu have made this story like this…mam this only serial I m watching in sun TV especially fr pooja and growth I love them soooooo much they really have done such a wonderful role….Gowthm pooja is the best ever couples in whole serial world..they admired me a lot and lot…. But after cing sterday episode I cannot b normal itzzzz making me more depresses and alsoooo it creating big fear among girls even after marriage….cannot able to sleep this scene suppressing a lot among Vani rani viewers…..plsssssss mam pls make a their rape scene as nightmare…..thr s no moral in rape scene fr society and also in ur serial u keep on lowering girls level….itzzz fair y u r dumping females?????? Mam plsssss change story And as my request you to bring gowthm and pooja……….

May 20, 2015

to all complainers

Who is reading these complaints?? first all viewers were threating will stop watching VR if sara and poongodi doesnt couple up. But continued wathcing… now the same is saying dun kill gowtham and pooja.. media people know dramas will live forever… gang rapes in drama’s and in real too… so this shows india is a very unsafe country… and kodai is such a beautiful place.. instead of showing the beuty they mudered a beauty…

and why viewers are begging radika with gazillion plssss… if after this vani is going to sue the rapist in court.. its pointless already… we r not looking fwd for the unrealistic court arguments anymore…

pavithra devi

May 20, 2015

VANI RANI 20/5/15

please change it mam we dont want to see this again we want our gowtham and pooja back please they should live with us in this story please make any change to it please
we love gowtham and you both for ever we want you pavithra and family

May 20, 2015

Irritating episode on 19-05-15

Dear Radhika Madam
Vani Rani is the only serial which i used to watch in SUN TV. But the episode on 19/05/15 is very horrible. How could u accept such a concept ?? Pooja and Gowtham are very good in ur serial. I like that pair very much. But u dumped them in that episode. U are very bold lady but in ur serial only girls alone will face such problems. Even that poongodi character also. She also faced this sort of problem. Now its Pooja’s turn. Y nothing is happening to bad people for eg Timple. She is very Bad and also she is very happy. PLEASE change the storyline…………. make it as a nightmare…….. We want Gowtham and pooja back to normal……..They should come back with a positive story and please dont ever try to continue the story in the same way and pooja as a rape victim……. kindly give some attention to the viewers review. Serials are meant to be watched by Viewers. Please take in favour of us. also give bold roles to other women in ur serial

May 20, 2015

Vani Rani 19-5-2015

vani rani is the only serial which i am watching. 19th may episode has a good moral that couples may avoid outing in such strange places. But 5 men raping one girl reminds me the delhi gang rape which can never be watched in tv with familu. The most awkward moment we ever had. the situation could have tought way to escape from those rapist.

May 20, 2015

Vani Rani Serial

Dear Radhika madam,
We are very love to watch vani rani serial.But 19-5-15 serial episode we dont like.Why pooja raped that idoit gangs.
Please change the concept…we love pooja and gowtham character… pooja and gowtham both of them very bold…
pavithra devi

May 20, 2015


we are of big fan of vani rani serial.. we used to watch regularly we considered it as a very good and interesting serial in the television but it was a great shock to us that how come such rape scene are allowed by our radhika is very disgusting..we love gowtham and pooja a lot we want them back..pls madam change the scene and make it as like a nightmare we really want them back pls you should change the story..otherwise we regret to say that we wont see the serial any more..seriously we are saying that we wont see it any more..i cant able to sleep that day..i am having semester exam even though i used to see the serial without fail, by seeing that i cant able to mom is crying like anything, my aunt became very upset, my dad used to see this serial, but he is also very upset by seeing such a scene..change the story mam pls..we knew that all the shots are taken already but we dont want this kind of can give a break to vani rani for a day and you can shoot this scene again to a positive way..anyhow we no need this story..i dont know how the director thought like this gowtham is a handsome brave man he can able to fight and save our pooja well but we are really confused and upset with this..kathir has only one lovable daughter pooja you just think of his mind set he will also die so please do this changes of your fans please madam and director..PLEASE CHANGE THE SCENE WE WANT OUR GOWTHAM AND POOJA BACK PLEASE CHANGE THE SCENE POOJA SHOULD NOT BE LIKE THIS SHE SHOULD NOT BE RAPED WE WANT POSITIVE CHANGES IN IT.. by PAVITHRA AND FAMILY

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3 Responses

  1. chithra says:

    Hello Radika mam,
    I want to say one thing for u. What happened to devipriya. She is acted from chithy upto chellamey but now she is not acted in vani rani. What’s going on. Why? Pls give the chance to devipriya anything a special role in vani rani. I am waiting for devipriya in vani rani any special appearance. Pls don’t disappointed me and the viewers. Pls come back devipriya to vani rani. It’s my humble request. Pls….

  2. sandy says:

    Hai sun tv.I love ramya krishna mam.Pls mam give end to vamsam.It is worst serial.I don’u want to see u in this serial.Boomika over action .Directer,’ worst Story developing.There is no logic in this serial.I think all actors are erning lot.Because all the actors are slim when they came to this serial.But now they are growing like big elephants

  3. Saravanan says:

    Gowtham. Fabulous acting

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