‘Veera Thurandhara’ – Uma Devi, Lyricist

 ‘Veera Thurandhara’ – Uma Devi, Lyricist

Of the two songs Uma Devi has penned for Kabali, she says “they are as different as chalk and cheese”. Talking on ‘Veera Thurandhara’, she says, “Thurandhara is a new word to Tamil cinema, but very much significant in Tamil literature, signifying that the don is out to protect the people of his region. The song is about the eight noble thoughts in Buddhism – Virtue, Concentration, Wisdom, Right Understanding, Right Thought, Right Speech, Right Action and Right Livelihood. These eight characteristics or factors aim at developing and perfecting the essence of Buddhist training without resorting to arms or ammunition. Director Pa Ranjith wanted to bring all these into the song.”

‘Veera Thurandhara’ - Uma Devi - kabaliorgin

Of the other one with the lyrics “Maya Nadhi Indru Maarbil Vazhiyudhe, Thooya Naraiyilum Kadhal Malarudhe”, Uma said, “It was a delight to bring out the feelings of two adults when they meet after a long time. The words convey their emotions, of joy and of losing out. I got the licence to play around with the words, thanks to my literature background.”

Uma reveals that her poetry, which has been published in various journals, paved the way for her entry into the movies. “My collection of poems, Thisaigalai Parugiyaval, found an admirer in director Ranjith, who called to congratulate me. He then offered me the chance to write my first song, ‘Naan Nee’ in Madras.

With 25 films on hand – including ones with music composer Gibran (untitled) and Vikram (Thuqlaq) – Uma hopes to have an extended run. She says, “I am thankful for the warmth with which the industry has received me and appreciated me at every turn.”

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