‘Maya Nadhi’ – Shweta Mohan, Singer

‘Maya Nadhi’ – Shweta Mohan, Singer

For singer Shweta Mohan, the joy was three-fold joy — first, a call from music composer Santhosh Narayanan; second, time in a Rajinikanth movie; and third, the sole female voice in the male-dominated Kabali album.

'Maya Nadhi’ - Shweta Mohan - kabaliorgin

“The call came from Santhosh and I was excited from head to toe,” she says. “His wife Meenakshi explained that the song will be placed at a very important point of the movie, calling for an added flavour of freshness.”

Shweta said it was thrilling to render Uma Devi’s meaningful lyrics in the number, which was about love, affection and the bond between two adults meeting after ages. “The pitch I sang in was in tune with the minimal orchestration and soft melody. Ananthu and Pradeep Kumar contributed the male voices.”

Any instructions from the composer?

“By nature, Santhosh is a chilled-out person, and all he wanted from me was to be myself and do away with any unwanted pressure. He is a great sound engineer, and once he got what he desired, he told me to pack up and took the mike off.”

Thrilled at the reach and unending phone calls, Shweta said the number will easily feature among her best. But her pick of the soundtrack is ‘Vaanam Paarthen’, the solo by Pradeep Kumar, with Kabilan’s lyrics.

“I simply fell in love with the lyrics starting with “Vaanam Paarthen” and ending with “Inimel Vendaamadi Kai Seradi”. Pradeep gave a new colour with his haunting voice. One listen isn’t enough.

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