Malavika Rajhesh Vaidhya Biography

Malavika Rajhesh Vaidhya was born on 19.01.2000. Her father is the world renowned veena exponent Kalaimamani Rajhesh Vaidhya. She is a trained Classical Singer and started her Cultural Pursuit from her age of 2 and had been trained by her grand mother Kunnakudy Bala.

Now she is in the advance tutelage. Under Shri. A. S. Murali. She is also learning veena playing from her father. She has been sharing stage with her father who has been the best critic shaping her quality of singing.

This is a dream come true project for Shree. Rajhesh vaidhya and malavika as well. Its a great start as this album features their athma guru Kanchi Mahaa Perivaa. This album shows the dedication of each and everyone who have put their atmost effort.

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