Baahubali Flops In International Markets – greatandhra

Baahubali Flops In International Markets – greatandhra
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Rajamouli’s epic movie “Baahubali” emerged as the all-time biggest hit in Indian domestic market. The film also performed superbly in North America.

Seeing the unprecedented craze the movie has generated in India, it was sold off to international distributors for a huge amount. But “Baahubali” has failed to perform in key international markets so far.

It was released in Germany recently and some parts of European pockets and it saw disastrous results there.

Last week, the movie also received cold response from Taiwan audiences. Chinese big distribution company Estar released the movie in Taiwan to test the pulse of the audiences before releasing it in Mainland China but “Baahubali” failed to bring any substantial amount.

Rajamouli and his cousin Raj Koduri also used Cannes Film Festival market last week to promote “Baahubali 2”. Except Indian media, no international media and makers showed interest in Rajamouli’s promotion there.

Still, the film is all set to be screened in Latin market this weekend. How would it perform there? Let’s wait and see.

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