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Cast: Vadivelu, Manobala, Meenakshi Dixit, Devadarshini and others
Direction: Yuvaraj Dhayalan
Produced by: AGS Entertainment
Music: D. Imman
Cinematogrpahy: Ramnath Shetty

Finally, here comes a film which has the potential to redefine ace comedian Vadivelu’s career. Vadivelu, back from his unofficial boycott of Kollywood for the past three-and-a-half decades, played the peace-maker a few days back when he successfully managed to persuade the striking Telugu organizations to withdraw their protest against the screening of the film.

The story is not something that we aren’t aware of or haven’t heard before: an innocent king gets exploited by his own council of ministers which forges an alliance with the business group from China. In comes Tenaliraman, the sharp minister-cum-entertainer, who rescues the king from the betrayal of his own ministers. Vadivelu has essayed the dual roles of the king and Tenaliraman.

Among the nine ministers of the King, eight of them turn betrayers and get money from the Chinese so as to open the doors of trade in the country to them. The ninth minister, who is against this idea, gets killed by the Chinese and our Tenaliraman joins the council of ministers as his substitute.

The Chinese incursion in the trade territory kills the country’s economy triggering famine but the innocent king is not apprised of the prevailing situation.

It’s upto Tenaliraman to make the king understand the dangerous situation and win over the plans of deceit by his enemies.

Script Analysis
Debutant director Yuvaraj Dhayalan narrates the sequence of events in an humour-filled manner. He has taken up the well-known character of Tenaliraman as the lead role of his film knowing very well that he would have to come up with certain novelties to make the film interesting. While Tenaliraman is his usual self of sharp and witty, the king has been showed exactly the opposite: idiotic and fun-loving.



Tenaliraman’s intelligence fetches him the love of the girl who turns out to be the princess, the King’s daughter. As most of the stories inside the script are part of our folklore, they don’t evoke much interest from us. In fact, the stories which have been ‘inserted’ into the script only serve as obstacles to the film’s flow. Some of the stories have been depicted interestingly though.

Yuvaraj appears to have had in mind Vadivelu’s characterization in the hit film 23m Pulikesi while making Tenaliraman. Yuvaraj has also borrowed the theme of conspiracy against the king from MGR’s Arasakattalai and has tried his best to make the script interesting and suit Vadivelu’s acting style. Had he succeeded in making this portion interesting enough, the film could have turned into a super-duper entertainer.

Performance Analysis
Vadivelu has put in a sincere effort, as he always does, in differentiating between the two characters that he has essayed in the film. He even sings duet with Meenakshi Dixit. His performance as Tenaliraman, especially while depicting stories, is admirable indeed.

Though the sizzling Meenakshi Dixit doesn’t have much scope to perform, she impresses the audiences with her looks and hour-glass figure, the way many heroines from North have done in the past and have been doing at present. Others including Devadarshini and Manobala have enacted their respective roles in a contented manner.

Dialogues by Aroor Das are razor-sharp and the impact of the events taking place in contemporary politics can’t be overlooked.

The eye-catching sets in many sequences give us an idea of the hard-work put in by the art director. Ramnath Shetty’s cinematography is laudable. Imman’s music is just okay with a couple of songs, penned by the late Pulamaipithan, standing out.

• Vadivelu’s acting
• Cinematography
• Humour-filled sequences

• Known script
• Weak storyline

The huge expectations of a grand comeback by Vadivelu are doused somewhat by the weak script as the film appeals only in parts.
Tenaliraman: A few laughs amidst yawns


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