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Tollywood Star - Pawan kalyan

Tollywood Star – Pawan kalyan

Actor Raja who got married recently is miffed with Pawan Kalyan fans. Recently, Raja, crticising Jana Sena party chief Pawan Kalyan had said that reading from scripts is easy. Challenging Pawan he added, “Come to the public and understand their problems if you are capable.” “Did Pawan ever speak about the injustice meted out to many in the industry?,”

Irked over this, Pawan Kalyan fans, resorting to cheap tricks took to social media and spread false rumours that Raja passed away in an accident. This news took a storm in social media as Pawan kalyan fans shared it on their walls. However, soon the news turned out to be a hoax.

“I’m alive and kicking,” clarifies Raja smiling. “It’s just very sad. You just cannot spread rumors about somebody’s death. I never imagined people can stoop so low that they wish somebody dead just because he raised a few issues you do not agree with. My family and friends have been a worried lot and have been calling me to check if I’m OK,” adds Raja.

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