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Nee Enge Movie Review

Nee Enge Movie Review

Nee Enge En Anbe Movie Review
Cast: Nayantara, Pasupathy, Vaibhav Reddy, Harshavardhan Rane, and Naresh
Direction: Sekhar Kammula
Production: Deepak Dhar, Rajnish Kanuja
Music: M.M Keeravani
Cinematographer: Vijay C. Kumar

Nee Enge En Anbe, an adaptation of Hindi film Kahaani, is not a scene by scene remake. Director Sekhar Kammula has taken the basic story and the major elements of the script and made it look like an original south Indian film. The major change in the script is that the protagonist is a pregnant woman in the original but it is not so in the case of the adaptation.

The movie opens with a gruesome bomb blast in a public place in Hyderabad. It kills many people including children. The next scene shows the investigation getting put under hold because of political reasons.

Cut to the airport. One Mrs. Anamika (Nayantara), Tamil girl, lands in Hyderabad from the U.S with the sole purpose of searching her husband Ajay Swaminathan whose whereabouts are unknown. She files a complaint in the area where he lived and stays in the same B grade lodge where he used to stay.

Her lack of knowledge in Telugu or Hindi creates communication problem but a Tamil police officer Parthasarathi (Vaibhav Reddy) helps her in her pursuit. The search unearths some uneasy truths.

The hard truths are pertaining to terrorism and the security of the country. Some persons who help Anamika get killed. A police officer who gets nearer to the culprits gets killed. Even Anaamika’s life is in danger. She is being interrogated by the intelligence officer in a ruthless manner. Meanwhile she finds more truths. She gets hold of a hard disk that has many shocking facts. A politician wants to get it. He asks the police to do so. But Anaamika is adamant. She wants justice. She wants her husband back. She knows pretty well that the police want only some victims to show to the public. They are not keen in eliminate the root cause of the decease.

What happened to Ajay? Where does Anamika lead to?

Script analysis
Sekhar Kammula has given a gripping movie with a lot of twists and interesting elements. He has also given adequate dosage of emotional content to make the audiences getting related to the movie. Though he has left the powerful element of pregnancy from the script, he has compensated it with his tight script.

The search and the investigation parts have been well executed. The struggle of a woman is emphatically portrayed. The turning points are by and large credible and interesting.

The first half is too slow to enjoy. The second half picks up the momentum but it takes time to eradicate the negative impact of the pace of the first half. The chasing of the killer in the second half during a night could have been better. Lack of sub titles for Telugu dialogues could put off the Tamil audiences. There is lack of clarity about the background of the husband. Too many things are left to the imagination of the viewer.

It’s a single woman show to say the least. Nayantara, with her amazing beauty and commanding acting skills steals the show in a movie that gives ample scope to a female. She has utilized it well and made the movie watchable just for her acting and appearance. She has carried the entire movie on her slender shoulders with grace. She excels in many scenes. The struggle to hide the hard disc, the interrogation in police station, and the climax are a few to be pointed out. Hats off nayantara.

Pasupathy and Vaibhav have played the supportive roles well. While Vaibhav is credible, Pasupathy is emphatic as a no-nonsense investigative officer.

Keeravani’s background score adds real value to the fare. The director should be applauded for not thrusting any songs in the narrative.

Old Hyderabad has been captured by Vijay C. Kumar amazingly. The small lanes, night sequences, the Durga Puja are picturised well. Too much of darkness could have been avoided in some scenes.

Story and script

Slow first half
Lack of clarity about the background of the husband
Inadequate sub titles for Telugu dialogues

The movie is a neat adaptation and a decent thriller with a strong message on terrorism.
Nee Enge En Anbe: Decent thriller, Worth a watch



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